Visby wool blanket Dark gray

$160.00 USD $220.00 USD

The Hunter Green WoolHome Outdoor Blanket is made of 100% Australian Sheep’s Wool. Warm, durable, yet soft and cozy, this wool blanket makes the perfect outdoor companion for picnics, camping under the stars or day-trip adventures. Our wool is naturally hypoallergenic and moisture wicking which makes it remarkably breathable and suitable for all weather conditions. It controls humidity and regulates body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter yet cool and dry in the summer. Also great for indoor use, this blanket makes a cozy throw on any couch.

● 100% AUSTRALIAN WOOL: This soft wool blanket is made with pure Australian sheep’s wool. Our all natural, high quality wool products are sourced from ethically-raised sheep in Australia.

● PERFECT FOR OUTDOORS: This wool blanket was made specifically for enjoying the great outdoors. Picnics with friends, a night camping under the stars. These blankets will keep you warm and are naturally flame retardant for your safety.

● HYPOALLERGENIC: Our blanket is allergen-free, dust mite resistant, breathable and naturally flame retardant for a better, restful night’s sleep.

● TEMPERATURE REGULATING TECHNOLOGY: Australian wool is famous for its adaptable breathability and insulating properties that keep you cozy in all climates. We exclusively source from Poll Dorset sheep which produce consistent, dense, straight wool fiber optimized for moisture-wicking that keeps you cool and dry.

● BETTER SLEEP: Our light yet durable wool blankets keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, resulting in deep, regenerative sleep.

● PURIFIED WOOL: Our wool undergoes a multi- step sterilization process to ensure it’s of the purest, highest quality at all stages of production, including the 3 primary processes include: scouring, carbonising and drying, and our 12-step purification process to remove any particles, leaving just pure, clean immaculate wool.

● SIZE: 66.5 inches wide by 90 inches long

● CERTIFIED: Our wool blankets are Woolmark© certified and tested to meet STANDARD 100 OKEO-TEX© criteria—each & every part is free of harmful substances & safe for human health.

● EASY CARE, MACHINE WASHABLE: Our wool blankets are naturally chemical free and therefore require minimal washing. However, if you wish to wash your blanket, use a cold, delicate wash cycle (or wool setting) then dry on low.