Why wool


Always Was & Still the Best

Improve your quality of sleep. Sleep as deeply as a baby. Dramatically improve your quality of sleep. Based on a series of experiments, more than 25% of deep sleep time will increase, as well as regulating the heart rate from a stressful daily life. In addition, as a natural material, wool products are perfectly compatible with human skin, resulting in no irritation.

Soft, fluffy, zero clumps. Say goodbye to the days of clumping. Wool is at least 40% naturally flexible — it can rebound to its original form after constant pressure. Therefore wool products remain soft & flexible.

Perfectly regulates the human body. Stay healthy and stay away from humidity. When humans sleep, we naturally give off perspiration. Wool has the capability to absorb 35% of its own weight in water without appearing damp. This keeps the cool in warm weather and also warms up the body in cold weather. Also, it keeps the human body at 90.8°F — the near-perfect temperature of ideal sleep.

It keeps you safe. Wool is naturally fire resistant—it’s difficult to ignite, burns slowly, does not melt, and resists flame. Improves the fire safety of your home.