Welcome to Woolhoom – The home of comfortable, healthy sleep across the globe.

Australian producer Champion Wool Factory created Woolhome as a direct-to-consumer offering brand. We wanted to combine our mix of modern technology & traditional craftsmanship with our passion for natural materials to transform your home to look & feel remarkable. In order to serve you best, we have several different shops in our network such as Ausgolden.com.au, so whatever your needs are we are sure to have something for you. We want each and every one of our clients to look and feel fabulous. If you ever have a suggestion, drop us a line at info@woolhome.com!

Woolhoom’s goal was to break the stigma surrounding wool. It has commonly been viewed as a fiber that is more suitable for cooler climates, is difficult to care for and is itchy and scratchy to touch or wear. Woolhoom’s aim was to re-educate the consumer on how wool’s amazing benefits could far outweigh any historic negatives. Whilst developing and sourcing products from around the world, there was one key development at the core of its business - machine washable wool comforters, wool rugs and wool pillows, natural and organic ingredients, incredible touch, could be used in the bedroom environment.

Our Promise to You

At Woolhoom, we know it’s important to do right by our farmers, the environment, the future and you. That is why with every product you purchase from us you’re guaranteed the highest quality, highest levels of sustainability and ethical sourcing as well as a product that not only looks amazing, but performs better than anything else available.

We hope that with Woolhoom you’ll find a calming, peaceful night’s sleep with the knowledge that you are sleeping with the finest natural fibers known to mankind.

That’s the Woolhoom difference.