Decorative Sheep Character - Australian Sheepskin Rug


$58.99 USD

Genuine Australian Sheepskin Soft Decoration Sheep Rug……

The 100% natural Australian Wool Rug provides you breathable luxurious comfort. Great piece for decoration as well as the living. In addition, our technology ensures all rugs are individually sanitized against bacteria and pathogens, making for you a hypoallergenic rug. Our rugs contain no harsh chemicals or dyes, just all-natural materials. Add instant warmth and style to your home with this luxurious and timeless accent rug.

Cozy Decorative Sheep Character Rug

  • Brand: ;Woolhome
  • 100% Australian Wool
  • Product size: 47*31cm
  • Product Weight: 0.36KG

     The rugs are naturally dirt repellent with a dense curly wool and a reverse of non-slip, undyed, natural leather.

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