Dry Clean Recommended

Woolhome recommends professional dry cleaning Woolhome Decorations for best. Wool Decorations can be washed if general guidelines are followed. Washing will reduce the lifecycle of a decorations by possibly changing the color, size, and shape of the fabric. Before dry clean or washing, there are simple steps which can refresh your decorations which are fairly simple.

Shake and Hang First

Before washing, often a good breath of fresh air or ventilating the wool with refresh the decorations. Shaking well will fluff the fibers and help naturally refresh the shape. Next, hang the decorations somewhere where the air naturally circulates. Fresh air with help remove dirt which are solid deposits on the wool, no matter how microscopic. Think of the air lifting dirt off the fibers and sweeping it away.

Spot Cleaning

If your decorations needs more than shake and hanging to refresh, attempt to spot clean if the concern is localized to one area. This can easily be achieved by spot cleaning or light spray depending if need is all over or in spots that need cleaning before hanging it up to dry.

Wool is hydrophobic, meaning the exterior of the fiber actually repels water. Lanolin occurs naturally and acts as a protectant. Wool is antibacterial and works to repel dirt and water, which is why wool is considered self-cleaning. Sort of like natures true down alternative.

Keep in mind, hot water will cause fibers to expand, and dry heat will cause the fibers to shorten and shrink. A light spritz is preferred over a soaking, and the dryer is never a good idea. When spot-cleaning dirt or oil, use vinegar diluted with water (1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water), and start slowly. If the piece is dyed, test for colorfastness meaning the dye will not bleed when wet. Spot test with a damp white cloth. If the dye comes off, the wool is not colorfast which means the decorations is dry clean only.

If the stain is fresh, seltzer water always works well on wool as the air bubbles literally trap and lift away the trouble.

If the decorations is in need of cleaning, once again, we recommended dry cleaning but if you trust your washing skills, follow these simple tips on washing wool.